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We are pioneers in the blend of sound healing, therapeutic bodywork, multisensory experiences and embodiment and meditation practices, designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our values aim to go to the root of the unbalance and biohack our system to reach our highest potential in every level.

Being able to choose a life full of ease, joy and glory.

This commitment makes Nikara a unique presence in the wellness industry, dedicating incessant research and practice of the holistic world, nurturing deep, lasting health transformations.

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Happy Clients

David Flusberg


Kevin and Sankara go very deep into the outer limits of consciousness with their shamanic sounds from another dimension. The entire experience went way beyond sound, and into the places where synesthesia brings healing vibrations into mind and body. True art of transcendence.



We were absolutely thrilled to welcome Nikara to offer a sound healing session during our recent retreat on the breathtaking Island of Gozo! What I anticipated as a typical sound bath turned out to be an extraordinary, transformative, soul-stirring journey led by the dynamic duo of Kevin and Sankara. Their collaboration brought forth a tapestry of healing sounds, vibrations, and music that resonated deeply with every retreat participant. Their synergy was nothing short of magical, creating an atmosphere that was both powerful and profoundly enriching. With their remarkable voices leading the way, it was a night that none of us will ever forget. If you’re organising any kind of healing or spiritual retreat or event, I wholeheartedly urge you to experience what Nikara has to offer. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Beatrice Dev

Energy Worker

An uplifting and beautiful journey! The sounds and melodies make you go deep, removing the layers to finally touch your soul, bringing so much lightness in the mind and at the same time, a strong feeling of grounding in the body. Thank you for this magical experience!

Michelle Bartolo

Yoga Instructor / Facilitator

I fell completley immersed in the soundscapes produced by this unique and grounding experience. It was outer & inner worldly simultaneously – and afterwards I felt like I was walking on air. Highly recommended!



I had the most incredible, mind-blowing Sound & Massage experience with Sankara & Kevin this weekend! Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but wow, am I glad I took the leap! The Mayan massage completely blew me away, surpassing my expectations. Calling it just a massage doesn’t do it justice – it’s a soul-stirring, transformative journey guided by the magic of Sankara and Kevin. From the moment the session began, I felt like I was being gently ushered into a realm of profound physical and spiritual awakening. It was as if dormant parts of myself were being lovingly coaxed back to life. The combination of touch, music, and sound vibrations created an otherworldly experience, transporting me to a place of deep healing and connection within. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough! It’s not just a massage; it’s a total immersion into the realms of transformation, healing, and soulful connection. If you’re ready to embark on a journey unlike any other, do yourself a favour and book a session. You won’t regret it! – Ciara, Ireland

Luca Hadassah


Hey ♥️ Wow that session blew me away, I felt very tired after of course but I slept very very good. I woke up heavy, but it cleared by the evening. And I have no pain in my shoulder/neck/head since the massage 🥹♥️
Still processing but I feel clarity for a lot of things.
Let’s do some more sessions as I would love to continue. 🌻
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



It was a magical experience. These wonderful people (Sankara and Kevin) share with their hearts, and you feel comfortable in such good hands (literally). The massage was incredible – I opened up all sorts of areas of my body that I hadn’t felt before – and there was the spiritual side of it too, whereby Sankara managed to relax and comfort me enough to release some of my trapped energy. I literally shouted out through my eyes all the feelings of my trapped inner child through this radiant light. Quite an experience considering I was so mentally blocked before I came to Gozo. All the while, Kevin, who is a master of sound, played these drums and flutes and all sorts of mesmerising sounds simultaneously – which literally gets your body vibrating at different frequencies which aids with the whole process more than you can consciously know. Thank you, both of you, for developing your skills and wanting to share them with the world. I am a changed person, and you guys played a large part 🙂 Big love to all – and congratulations to those of you who have chanced upon these guys – you will not regret it and your body and mind will thank you.

Dr. Micheal


I booked Nikara for a sound healing journey at an event I held in a yoga studio. They were incredible, words can’t really describe. Great musicians, intuitive flows, they create a deep and moving energy that was exactly what I needed.

De Bono Rebekah


I recently experienced Nikara. It was an incredible sound healing session that left me feeling deeply relaxed. Each sound resonated with different parts of my body, promoting a profound sense of inner balance and harmony. It felt as though the sounds were releasing blocked energy and fostering a deep sense of peace. These amazing musicians used a variety of instruments to create soothing vibrations that released tension and brought a profound sense of peace. I highly recommend this transformative experience for anyone seeking inner harmony. It’s a journey of sound that will uplift your spirit and bring profound tranquility to your mind and body.

 Our purpose 

  We are driven by a profound message: Love to creation, to others as to ourselves. What if…  releasing the old programs that hide our innate truth, would reveal a space where we could authentically join forces to shape life experiences and expressions that radiate unity and harmony … ? 

What if all of you are welcome and perfect as it is … ?


We envision a world where individuals are empowered to redefine their lives, embracing newfound spaces within themselves . 

Our vision is to be a leading source of inspiration and transformation, making it possible for everyone to achieve their full potential. We are committed to supporting others in their journeys towards greater self-awareness, health, and harmony, embodying the change we wish to see in the world.

Mayan Massage

The Mayan holistic approach views health as a balance between mind, body, and spirit, treating illnesses as imbalances rather than symptoms.

A ceremonial act that allows us to reconnect with ourselves for holistic healing, applying deep tissue techniques, de-armoring, acupressure in trigger points, energy movements, emotional biodecodification, and breathwork.

Private & Group Sound Sessions

In a group setting or one to one sessions, we harness the power of sound alchemy to Bio-Hack (entrain) the subconscious mind. We use consonant and dissonant frequencies, binaural waves and meditations, with different Instruments and tools, such as Gong, Shamanic Drum, Flutes, Futujara, Handpan, Quartz Bowls… Including the power of our voice, to facilitate an inner transcendent journey.

When sound frequencies are applied to a body, the 80% water of us receives the frequencies, vibrating and resonating in sympathy, aligning our cells. Sound has the power to reorganize and restructure matter. Influencing the energy centers of our bodies, such as chakras and meridians, and recovering their sacred geometry.

The Box Society

What if we could realign our lives with the more coherent ways of nature, and instead of ordering we switch to organizing, instead of control we live more in a state of allowance… To mention just a few and what else would be possible from there?


WHAT IS BODY WORK? Hey there, curious souls! Today, we're diving deep into the fascinating world of bodywork—because let's face it, who doesn't love a good rubdown, am I right? But here's the thing: bodywork is so much more than just a fancy massage. It's like a...



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